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Early Alert Grades Available February 5, 2010

Posted by Barbara Nixon in Assignment, success.

FYE 1220 NET Class Members:

I’ve just posted your Early Alert grades in WINGS (for only the Freshmen in the class). Here’s a short key to what the grades mean:

S = Satisfactory ::  You’re keeping up with everything. You’ve created your blog and sent me the address. You commented on my blog during Week One and Three as required. You attended at least two of the live sessions we did in WIMBA Live Classroom (and/or accessed the archives for the class). Great! Keep up the good work.

UG = Unsatisfactory Grade :: No Blog (and if I do not get your blog address before Tuesday at midnight, it will be impossible for you to pass this class)

UP = Unsatisfactory Attendance :: You have not shown up (or accessed the archives) for two or more of our class sessions

UP = Unsatisfactory Participation :: You did not comment on any of the blog posts that you should have during Week Three. (You would have found out about needing to do this through attending the Wimba session and via e-mail from me).

You might also see a combination of letters, such as UGP. That means to combine what UG means with UP.

Is it possible to recover from an Unsatisfactory? YES, it is. There is still a majority of the semester to go.

Is it possible for me to change your Early Alert Grade? No. Your Early Alert Grade will not impact your GPA.

We WILL meet during Week Five for about 30 minutes, starting at 5:00pm, in our Wimba Live Classroom. We’ll discuss your Academic Planning Assignment in more detail during that time. Please have a draft of this assignment completed and available in front of you during our class discussion. (To get to the Academic Planning Assignment, go to GeorgiaVIEW for FYE 1220, then choose Modules. You’ll find it — along with the quiz that is due by the end of next week — in the “Your Academic Future” module.)

See you on Tuesday!



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