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Subscribing to Podcasts using iTunes March 17, 2010

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How to prepare for the next semester February 9, 2010

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I put together a short video navigating around Georgia Southern’s website showing where to go and what to do to effectively prepare for advisement, registration, and the next semester. Hope it helps.

10 Tips To Succeeding At Southern (Cont.) January 31, 2010

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Professor Nixon brings up some great suggestions that even I wish  I took advantage of… Impeccable list!

A few more I would like to add to that is:

Get to know a classmate! Realistically, we know there are times where going to class just isn’t possible for whatever reason. There also are times you may not have all the notes from a certain lecture in which having two sets of notes is far more beneficial. Befriending someone becomes a mutual relationship.

Organization was never a strong suit of mine. I always knew I’d be able to rely on my faulty memory for my many assignments. PFFFT! Yeah, right! I had to learn the hard way that writing things down is the BEST way to get things done.